Gb540 Unit 6 Assignment 5

AbstractThe purpose of this paper is to reflect on what has been taught in this course and how to apply it to my future employment plans. It will answer the questions asked about formal process change and what other items if any needed to be added to the business change plan created in units one through five. Last, the paper will discuss the course and how it has helped me with my own insecurities in being a leader. There are many important things in an organization as well as in a person’s personal life, and the one most important thing is change. It is important for someone or something to be able to change; change towards improvement, and better lifestyle, systems, applications and processes. There is a relationship between a personal change and an organizational change, after all organizations are control by people. From the Business Process Change Plan we learn that organizations of all kinds and from different industries benefit from implementing it into their systems.

Page 2McDonald’s Marketng PlanMcDonald’s Marketing Plan4.0 Financials4.1 Break-even AnalysisDuring the first year of the grilled McFish item, McDonald’s expects to sell an estimate of 19,440,000 of the new menu item. This figure is based on an average sale of $6.95 per sandwich/wrap and based on an 18% volume in sales as the current fish sandwich sells 300 million yearly. The variable expense of the new grilled menu item is $3.15 which means that McDonald’s would have a net revenue of $3.80 per sandwich. The total net revenue for the first year would be an estimate of $73, 872,000. This figure is based on McDonalds capturing their current market demographics as well as adding new target segments such as this healthier food item will lead the fast food industry by expanding to the more health conscious market segments.Fixed costs for the first year will be high as it is in most fast food restaurants. However, even with the fixed costs of $40,000,000; McDonald’s will still have a profit in the first year of $33,872,000.First Year SalesTo±alPer Uni±Sales (19,440,000 i±ems)$135,108,000$6.95Less Variable Expenses$61, 236,000$3.15Prof± Margin$73,872,000$3.80Less Fixed Expenses$40,000,000Ne± Operatng Income$33,872,000 Based on the first year sales, McDonalds would have already broken-even and have experienced a profit for the year. It will take McDonalds 7 months from the launch date before they finally break even. During month 6, the loss would be $-3,064,000, but during month 7 the company will not only break even, but will also see a net income of $3,092,000 based on the charts below:Month 6 SalesMonth 7 SalesLess Variable Expenses$35,721,000$3.15 To±alPer Uni±Sales (9,720,000 i±ems)$67,554,000 $6.95 Less Variable Expenses$30,618,000 $3.15 Prof± Margin$36,936,000 $3.80 Less Fixed Expenses$40,000,000 Ne± Operatng Loss($3,064,000)

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