Mism Bida Video Essay Definition

Heinz College and Allegheny College offer an Accelerated Master's Program to qualified Allegheny College undergraduate students. The program, structured as three years at Allegheny College followed by three semesters at Heinz College, results in students receiving both a bachelor's and a master's degree in less time than is normally required.


The program is designed for Allegheny College students who have completed their junior year.


Students can apply online for free in the fall of their junior year for admission at the start of their senior year. As an Accelerated Master's applicant, you are required to submit the application materials and meet the admission criteria required of all MISM or MISM-BIDA applicants (depending on which pathway you choose), detailed above in the "Application Checklist" section. You are also required to complete an interview with Heinz Colege Admissions administrators and the MISM Program Director, and to submit an additional Undergraduate Course Requirements Form signed by your undergraduate advisor to successfully submit your Accelerated Master's MISM or MISM-BIDA application.


Students will pay tuition and fees to Allegheny College from their freshman through junior years. They will pay tuition and fees to Carnegie Mellon for their graduate program for four semesters beyond the completion of thir junior year. Allegheny College students also will be responsible for paying a maintenance fee to Allegheny College while enrolled at Carnegie Mellon in their senior year.


Students will receive both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees upon completion of their graduate program at Carnegie Mellon. Allegheny College will count units taken during the master’s program toward the student’s bachelor’s degree according to its policies and procedures. Carnegie Mellon will forward to Allegheny College transcripts and other necessary information on student academic performance.


Allegheny College students will be eligible for scholarship support from Allegheny College for their freshman through junior years. They will be eligible for scholarship support from the Heinz College for the length of their graduate program, and can apply to any and all Heinz College scholarship funds for which they are eligible (based on program and the individual scholarship fund’s specific requirements). Because Allegheny College students will not receive their bachelor’s degree until they complete their Heinz College degree, the federal government requires that Allegheny College be responsible for the processing of federal financial aid. To enable this, Allegheny College and Heinz College will enter into a consortium agreement.


Each year, Heinz College will admit a maximum of five qualified Allegheny College students to the MISM program.


For detailed prerequisite information and course descriptions for both the MISM and MISM-BIDA programs, respectively, please see the "Prerequisite Coursework Information" section below.

The video essay is as hard to define as the essay film is, since it is still in active development as a format for critical thinking. Better not to define it in too strict a way then, because the many emerging formats and practices may very well trump any strict definition.


In general, the video essay can be described as the concise, free-form audiovisual equivalent of the written essay. Concise because most video essays don’t run longer than a handful of minutes. Very long video essays are the exception to the rule that on the internet (the natural habitat of the video essay) shorter is better. Free-form because the format and rhetorical strategies can differ wildly from one video essay to the next.


What about content matter? The term video essay has come to denote primarily a video in which its maker analyzes or comments on a specific film or television related topic or theme. It is a concise and personal movie, focussing on a single aspect of (often popular) audiovisual culture.


However, the video essay can be the ideal vehicle for critical thinking about film, for reflecting on movies in their own language and format. Which is why this practice has been adopted by both film critics and by film scholars.

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