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Bring to life the traditional practice class or homework assignment with some global competency and diversity! While your students practice adding and subtracting rational expressions, they can learn about one of the world's video game pioneers -- Hiroshi Yamauchi!

Person Puzzles are designed to highlight individuals with diverse backgrounds who have made significant contributions to our world. I typically use Person Puzzles as timed warm-ups which allows me to share a little about the person's background before my daily lesson. I can also drop some college readiness info like majors, degrees and careers!

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And join our community where I post ideas, anecdotes, elaborations & every once in a while I pass out TPT gift cards! And jokes! I do jokes too!

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30 minutes

1 Solutions to Homework #1 Process Analysis and Capacity Management BUAD311- Operations Management Spring 2016 Q1 (24 points) At a make-to-order hamburger shop, there is one worker who cooks patties, two workers who assemble burgers, and one cashier. The oven can cook patties in 4 minutes and the oven can cook up to 20 patties at one time. Each burger assembler can assemble a burger in 40 seconds. It takes the cashier 6 seconds to collect payment. a) (8 points) What is the capacity of the hamburger restaurant in customers per minute? 1 What is the bottleneck? COOK: 20/4 = 5 burgers/min ASSEMBLE: 60/40 burgers/min * 2 = 3 burgers/min CASHIER: 10 burgers/min Capacity = 3 burgers per minute. Assembly is the bottleneck. b) (8 points) If two more burger assembler is hired, what is the capacity of the burger store? What is the bottleneck? ASSEMBLE: 60/40 burgers/min * 4 = 6 burgers/min Capacity = 5 burgers/min. Cooking is the bottleneck. c) (8 points) Disregarding part b), if the restaurant buys another oven, 2 what is the capacity of the restaurant? What is the bottleneck? COOK: 5 burgers/min * 2 = 10 burgers/min Capacity = 3 burgers per minute. Assembly is the bottleneck. 1 Let’s assume one customer orders one burger. 2 The new oven’s capacity is the same as the existing one. Also one worker can operate two ovens.

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