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Writing is as much a part of the human mind, as it is the heart and other vital parts. I cannot think of anything more rewarding in life than to write. This is why I would like to apply to the Journalism School at University of Florida. I do believe that having a true talent for words, as well as loving to share that talents with others is where it genuinely does start. Being able to continue my education in this field is very rewarding to me for a number of reasons. It is not only what I like to do best. It is all that I would like to do for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine a day without the written word being a part of it. Sure, we have mouths with which to speak, but the written word is something that is unique unto itself for itself. There is nothing that can get a message across faster than writing it down for others to read. Journalism allows a writer to share the written word every day in a variety of numerous ways. These numerous ways can extend from newspapers to magazines to beyond. Therefore, this only extends the true power behind the written word to the world, all the more.


If a person loves to write best from all the rest. They should be permitted to carry on that love of words into an educational world that will only make the written word grow up in its own way. This way these same very written words can go out into the world and be as professional as they want to be in essence. Education is the key to bringing the written word out, and to molding it properly, so that it becomes greater than the sum of its many parts. The written word is far more than subjective, it can also be lots of other things, and they way that we do view them is the way we will see them for always.


Now that I have completed two years of study at the University of New Orleans, in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am now ready to move up to the next step, which is to apply at your fine college for my total indoctrination into everything that is of journalism immersion. I want to take my written word to the greatest heights that is possible, and this is so, I can become all that I can be and use my own written words to make my own individual effect on the world by incorporating my own special written words. The power of the written word is not just about talent. It is also about anything, as well as everything, which does denote the lover of the word in general. This is the lover, who I know I can be, once I have had the right education to back it up from start to finish. Please do allow me the honor to become a student at your most illustrious school of learning, and let me and my written word, do learn from you as you will learn from the both of us equally in all the ways that matter most.

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Journalism is the industry of reporting, writing and broadcasting news. It is fast-changing and always presents a new challenge. It scopes from the 'old-fashioned' art of newspaper writing to the 'new-age' online journalism. It is an industry which will always have a vital and exciting place in our society. This is the reason why I would like to undertake a course which could allow me to join the world of journalism. I have a particular interest in Journalism because of the vast scope which is covered by the subject.

Journalism covers every subject imaginable, from sports to music, from business to current affairs. I would like to enter an industry which would allow me to branch off in any of these directions, and to follow up new and exciting affairs; perhaps with the opportunity to specialise in a particular area. After completing the course, I hope to enter an occupation in either print or broadcast journalism. I would like to work in an environment which might allow me to combine the two. I would like to be able in the future to work for a big organisation such as the BBC.

I am currently studying A Levels in Business Studies, English Literature and Religious Studies. I feel that these subjects, especially English and Religious Studies have aided in my choice of a Journalism course. Both of these courses have allowed me to develop my essay writing skills. As part of my Religious Studies course we have discussed many active ethical issues, which is something I would like to develop.

My ambition to work in the Journalism industry was further propelled this year after completing work experience with the National Assembly for Wales. I was able to work within the Media Relations department, which gave an insight into how the Assembly communicates with the media and with the public.

I actively participated in monitoring the National Assembly's press coverage. I was involved selecting relevant material from various sources and logging items. Additionally, I was given the opportunity to write a press release about forthcoming events. In addition to this, I had a tour of the Assembly Chamber; this included details of how they broadcast the Plenary meetings. This aided my choice of a course which combined both broadcast and print journalism, as seeing broadcasting first hand instilled an immediate interest which I would like the opportunity to follow.

I have a part time job in Homebase as a customer service assistant. Through which I have been able to develop my key skills. I have been able to gain more confidence amongst others. I am required to talk to customers, sort out their queries and complaints. Through this work, I have been able to develop my team work and have developed communication skills. In school, I have in the past participated in many extra-curricular activities including Drama club, the Rotary cooking competition and the Christmas cake competition -which I won. I have also helped out on numerous open evenings in a variety of ways. Last year I was involved in Paired Reading, which required being paired with a younger child in the school and helping them with reading. I am also part of the COMPACT scheme.

This year I am a member of the CHIPs team. CHIPs (Childline In Partnership with Schools) aims to help bullied children in the school. I am involved in listening and helping any pupils who comes to CHIPs with a problem.

I enjoy spending my spare time with friends. I like shopping and going to the cinema. I also enjoy watching Wales play rugby. I enjoy spending time using the computer. Through this I have gained ICT skills which are essential in online journalism.

I am well organised and can handle pressure well. I enjoy researching new ideas and have an eye for the latest story. I believe I can bring a lot to the journalism industry, and would relish the opportunity to study for a Journalism degree in university.

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