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State warns against soliciting organs online 2018-03-10T05:43:06Z

CHENNAI: In the wake of a surge in messages soliciting organs in social media, the state health department has warned that those found circulating such information will be penalized. In the last six months, doctors and transplant experts say, there has been an increase in the number of messages that offer kidneys for a sum and those who offer to donate organs of their deceased kin. “Some of these messages are old ones that are re-circulated. The origin of most of these messages has been traced to outside the state,” said a senior official in the health department. “Either way, it is misinformation. No organ donation can happen until it receives authorization from the state,” he said. The government, the official said, will crackdown on the circulation of such messages. “We will ask the cybercrime cell to trace the origin and take necessary action. The public should desist from sending these messages. If they want to do good, they should encourage people to register as donors,” he said. Organ donation in the state is governed by the Transplantation of Human Organs (amendment) Act, 2011 and the Transplantation of Organs and Tissue Rules, 2014. The Act allows medical experts to certify a patient as brain dead by following due process, harvest organs and tissues from living donor and cadavers and forming a regulatory and advisory bodies for monitoring transplantation activity. Tamil Nadu has an online transplant registry (TRANSTAN) with records of patients waiting for kidney, liver or heart transplants in the state. The registry also maintains data on hospitals registered to conduct transplant surgeries and updates on the number of surgeries conducted in the state every day. A preliminary search online reveals a host of websites that offer organs for a price. On social networking forums and private sites with message boards, there are hundreds of people interested in selling and buying kidneys. Transplant authorities in the state, said they had lodged at least three complaints in the last four months against some of these groups in the cyber-crime cell. Dr Sunil Shroff of MOHAN Foundation, an NGO that promotes organ donation, said they receive several emails from people wanting to sell their kidneys. “We even lodged a police complaint in Mumbai when a message started doing the rounds that our organization would buy kidneys,” said Dr Shroff. “Online forums should be moderated and websites should be careful about the kinds of comments that are posted on them,” he said.

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