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The Journal of Computer and System Sciences publishes original research papers in computer science and related subjects in system science, with attention to the relevant mathematical theory. Applications-oriented papers may also be accepted and they are expected to contain deep analytic evaluation of the proposed solutions.

Research areas include traditional subjects such as:

• Theory of algorithms and computability
• Formal languages
• Automata theory

Contemporary subjects such as:

• Complexity theory
• Algorithmic Complexity
• Parallel & distributed computing
• Computer networks
• Neural networks
• Computational learning theory
• Database theory & practice
• Computer modeling of complex systems
• Security and Privacy

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Location-Aware Energy-Efficient Workload Allocation in Geo Distributed Cloud Environment

Soha Rawas and Ahmed Zekri
Published On : March 13, 2018

Effects of Design Factors of HDFS on I/O Performance

Han-Gyoo Kim
Published On : March 13, 2018

Study of Segmentation Technique and Stereology to Detect PCO Follicles on USG Images

Untari Novia Wisesty, Irba Fairuz Thufailah, Ria May Dewi, Adiwijaya and Jondri
Published On : March 13, 2018

An ADD-Oriented Software Architecture for Structuring Information to Open Government Data

Andreiwid Sheffer Correa, P. L.P. Correa, F. S.C. Silva and T. Carvalho
Published On : March 10, 2018

A Reformed K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm for Big Data Sets

Vo Ngoc Phu and Vo Thi Ngoc Tran
Published On : March 8, 2018

An Empirical Analysis of Android Permission System Based on User Activities

Ankur Rameshbhai Khunt and P. Prabu
Downloads : 32929

Accurate Wavelet Neural Network for Efficient Controlling of an Active Magnetic Bearing System

Youssef Harkouss, Souhad Mcheik and Roger Achkar
Volume : 6, Issue : 12 Pages : 1457-1464
Downloads : 29412

Position and Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm in Robot Soccer

Awang Hendrianto Pratomo, Anton Satria Prabuwono, Mohd Shanudin Zakaria, Khairuddin Omar, Md Jan Nordin, Shahnorbanun Sahran, Siti Norul Huda Sheikh Abdullah and Anton Heryanto
Volume : 6, Issue : 2 Pages : 173-179
Downloads : 17280

A System for Payroll Management

Pavitra Rani Gautam, Sugadev Ragumani and Y. K. Sharma
Volume : 6, Issue : 12 Pages : 1531-1534
Downloads : 13750

Back Propagation Neural Network Arabic Characters Classification Module Utilizing Microsoft Word

A. A. Hamza
Volume : 4, Issue : 9 Pages : 744-751
Downloads : 12235

A New Approach for 3D Range Image Segmentation using Gradient Method

Dina A. Hafiz, Walaa M. Sheta, Sahar Bayoumi and Bayumy A.B. Youssef
Volume : 7, Issue : 4 Pages : 475-487
Views : 11411

Constructing Fuzzy Time Series Model Based on Fuzzy Clustering for a Forecasting

Ashraf K. Abd Elaal, Hesham A. Hefny and Ashraf H. Abd Elwahab
Volume : 6, Issue : 7 Pages : 735-739
Views : 2555

On the Relationship between Classes P and NP

Anatoly D. Plotnikov
Volume : 8, Issue : 7 Pages : 1036-1040
Views : 1884

A Survey of Content-Based Video Retrieval

P. Geetha and Vasumathi Narayanan
Volume : 4, Issue : 6 Pages : 474-486
Views : 1261

A Bit-Serial Multiplier Architecture for Finite Fields Over Galois Fields

Hero Modares, Yasser Salem, Rosli Salleh and Majid Talebi Shahgoli
Volume : 6, Issue : 11 Pages : 1237-1246
Views : 1238

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