Flvs Creative Photography Assignments Beginners

FLVS was an absolute nightmare. I took the AP Psychology course through FLVS Flex, and it was nothing but stress and frustration. The course was full of busywork, and it was as if they thought you did...n’t have other things to do. I would spend hours for one lesson that

I should have known something was up when during my first phone call with my teacher (which was supposed to be a video call), she was cooking the entire time. As a result, the conversation was confusing, and none of my questions were answered. I learned nothing about the woman, and felt a lack of personal connection with the teacher.

The website was so confusing and frustrating, I couldn’t even navigate it. The videos they have you watch were no help at all. Everything was so out-of-place, and nothing was organized. And, to be honest, the website had no curb appeal or style. The whole thing looked like it had been made in a beginner’s coding class for fourth graders. I spent half my time just figuring out how to get around the website. The beginning parts of the modules were in one section, the middle another, the end another, and to get to the tests, I had to navigate back to the start page. Additonally, the place that I submitted my work was in a different place than where I completed the lessons. And to submit work, my document had to be converted to this weird format. The work also took forever, and much of it was tedious and repetitive.

I was also never informed of the 14 day withdrawal policy. Basically, if you don’t work for 14 days, they withdraw you from the course and fail you. My internet was out for a long time, so I was unable to complete work for a few weeks. Not once did my teacher call me or text me. I couldn’t contact her, as I was never given her phone number! When I was able to get back on the website, I saw the withdrawal, had a breakdown, and cried for two hours. My mother and I informed them of my situation, and they only gave us 1/2 of what we paid. In the end, I think this worked out for the best, as the stress and frustration was not worth it.

Overall, I had a horrible experience. The course was full of busywork, the teacher was impersonal, difficult to talk to, and unfriendly, and the website was just a mess. Nothing on it was organized, and everything had a separate link. Additionally, the website frequently logged me out and crashed unexpectedly. For those of you seeking engaging courses with teachers who are personal and attentive, I urge you to look elsewhere. This entire program felt like some sort of credit mill for students.See More

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