Why I Want To Become A Lawyer Essay

Basically, I want to become a lawyer because I believe that it is a good way of rendering service to society and that it will fully develop in me skills, abilities, and attitudes that I can apply in a lot of aspects of my life. I believe that the law profession plays an integral role in any community as it is generally works to analyze and solve legal theories and ensure that justice is enforced. In this regard, I want to be involved in that kind of profession while at the same time ensuring my professional growth.

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For me, the interesting characteristics that a lawyer possesses are his or her wit, boldness, and audacity. In general, a lawyer exudes confidence and integrity while doing his or her job because this creates an aura of authority and professionalism around him. A lawyer must also be in total control of his or her emotions at all times especially during intense moments in court. In addition, it is notable that he or she works well under pressure, which is something I would like to emulate and apply in various situations in my life. In this regard, I want to have the same kind of confidence and calmness and possess unparalleled analytical and critical skills because this would no doubt aid me in several aspects of my life. I also believe that at present, I possess all of these traits and this is why I am convinced that the law profession is for me.

I also believe that the law profession is multi-faceted because it can be involved in various forms of service. If I enter the law profession, I can choose to become a corporate lawyer, tax lawyer, and even a judge in the future. In other words, one major reason behind my interest in becoming a lawyer is that the profession encompasses a lot of aspects in society which would more or less broaden my horizons and provide me with a deeper perspective of the law. The profession would mainly mold me into a highly flexible person who is knowledgeable in a lot of fields.

Moreover, I also want to become a lawyer because I want to hone the analytical and critical skills that the law profession requires. For example, in order for a civil case to be won, a lawyer must ensure that every weak detail, loophole, and inconsistent testimony is thoroughly scrutinized as this can turn tides in his or her client’s favor. A lawyer must also be witty and quick to deliver well-founded arguments that can be used to convince the jury to decide in his o her favor. The position of a lawyer also entails extensive investigation and research, which are also two aspects about the law profession that I am very interested in.

I also believe that the law profession also has high standards in terms of education and intellect. Today, it is very difficult to get into law schools, especially the top-rated ones, because the profession plays an important role in society. In relation to this, I want to attain those high standards and high intellect by becoming a lawyer

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Furthermore, one important aspect about the profession which I would like to be involved in is that it plays a crucial role in defending the innocent and persecuting the lawless elements that are disrupting the law and order in society. I basically want to be involved in that role and contribute to upholding justice and fairness in the community. However, I would choose to be involved in representing those who do not possess the means to afford a regular lawyer. I believe that this is a noble act, which for me, is also one of the most interesting aspects of becoming a lawyer.

In short, I want to become a lawyer primarily because of the professional and personal growth that the profession offers. I also believe that I possess various traits, skills, attitudes, and characteristics which no doubt allow me to make an impact on the field. I am convinced that the law profession would enable me to become a highly versatile, competent, and well-rounded person who takes pride in being able to contribute to the growth and development of society.

Why law? That's a question you're going to be asked over and over again if you are starting to think a career in law might be the one for you. You'll be answering it on work placement application forms, during mock interviews, at tutor meetings, when applying for courses, at scholarship interviews… the list goes on.

It has some variations – "why do you want to be a lawyer?" and "why do you think you're suited to a career in law?" – but it's basically the same question.

So if you are at school or college and thinking about a career in law, it's a good idea to start considering how you're going to answer it. And not just because you'd look stupid if you fluffed it.

Once you've worked out "why law", you will find you can apply yourself to the process of achieving your goal in a more focused, determined and disciplined manner.

"Come on, the question seems simple enough. What's the fuss?" 

When you're filling out application forms, you need to be structured and logical in your answers. A personal question – "why law?" – can feel somehow unexpected and can be very offputting. It is easy to get into a muddle if you have not thought it through.

The first time I answered this question, I was applying for a mini-pupillage and had little legal experience. I wrote: "Law, being a vital component in the successful integration of people, impresses me with its in-built readiness to change in accordance with society.

"The long-standing legal system in this country and the relationship between parliament and the courts provide a dynamic professional environment within which to work."
Although I had worked hard at my answer and showed that I knew a little about the legal system, I had not thought carefully enough about why I personally was intending to pursue a career in law.

My answer was not a convincing enough argument and I was unsuccessful as a result. How did I know that law is a dynamic professional environment within which to work? There was no proof to back it up.

"Ok! Just tell me what I need to say…"

Many different kinds of people succeed at the law, and the best answer really will depend on your personality. 

Consider carefully your own reasons and source of motivation. We may agree with Aristotle that "the law is reason free from passion", yet an answer as to why you might want a career in law is the opposite – it is a rare opportunity to show your passion, so don't be afraid to. 

It will help you stand out next to someone else, and an interviewer may well remember you by it.

This does not mean be whimsical or sentimental. Instead, be specific in your answer about your influences and your natural enthusiasm will shine through.

Law affects every part of our lives and it is really not difficult to find examples ot that: driving a car, buying something from a shop, getting into a fight, being employed, renting a house… There is no right answer, just a convincing one.

My own motivation came from seeing a small part of the law in action. I was employed as a student support officer when I was asked to research and present my findings to a board of directors on upcoming changes to visa regulations affecting students. 

By gaining a practical insight I realised two things – first, the power the law has on people's lives, and second, interpreting law effectively can mitigate loss of income.

Incorporating this into my answer to "why law?" gave me, in the absence of any real legal experience, the chance to show a more personal response. It also mentioned research and presentation skills. A better attempt!

"That's all very well, but I'm 17 and never had a job before"

Get the best qualifications you can at school, at college and, if you follow the conventional route into law, at university. That goes without saying.

But don't underestimate the importance of practical experience at this stage. It is not crucial to study law as an A-level subject or read a hundred textbooks.

There are some characteristics that your interviewers, tutors and employers will be expecting from you straight away, such as how good you might be with clients, how much commercial awareness you have, and what characteristics you can bring to a role.

Work experience helps prove you are competent in these areas, and leaves you with a wealth of examples to talk about on application forms and during interviews.

There are a whole range of options out there – you should apply to chamber sets, solicitors firms and courts, but if you struggle to get these placements immediately, you can also get great value from work experience elsewhere, such as in the financial sector, or in retail or charity work.
So before I leave you to mull over your answer to "why law?", here are three useful tips to improve your chances getting work experience:

1. Write a tailored letter, targeting a specific person in a firm
2. Try requesting one to two days, not two weeks, as you are more likely to gain shorter placements than longer ones
3. Make sure you write a thank you letter – few people do this and it is a good way for you to be remembered positively, in case you want to go back.

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