Research Paper Anthropometry

This paper presents anthropometric measurements regarding engineering students in India. Health survey (ergonomic assessment) was carried out to know the health status of all students who have been using poorly designed furniture. The data were measured with the help of various tools. After data collection and analysis, authors came up with exhaustive dimensions for designing adjustable classrooms furniture. Dimensions recommended include; bench surface height, bench depth and width, back rest width and height, backrest angle, desk height, desk depth, width, and desk angle. Therefore, an implementation of these data will help to create comfortability, safety, well-being, suitability, reduce Musculoskeletal disorders, and improve performance of students in terms of attentiveness. Also, it is highly recommended to consider requirements from students in designing classrooms furniture and conduct seminar or workshop to educate students regarding the negative impact towards adapting poor posture in the long usage of classrooms furniture.

Engineering Anthropometry

Anthropometry is the measurement of people and the analyses of those measurements for various purposes. Anthropometry began as a methodology in physical anthropology for comparing populations, but since the 1950s engineering anthropometry is directed at the acquisition, analysis, and application of human body dimensions (and more generally physical measurements) to the design and assessments of products, tools, workspaces, and other artifacts with which people interact. The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) has a long history of conducting widely used anthropometric studies, including the most widely used studies of U.S. children and adult motor vehicle occupants.

Our recent research has included detailed studies of adult vehicle occupants, including truck drivers. We have gathered extensive data on child body shape and posture, with an emphasis on supported seated postures. We are applying advanced shape modeling methods to study and predict adult and child body surface geometry, as well as using similar methods to model skeletal geometry for adults and children. Click the links below for more information on our current research.

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