School Homework Sheets For First Grade

First Grade Math Practice Helps Kids Make the Grade

Some students are ahead of the math game by the time they reach first grade, while others might move at a slower pace. No matter what end of the math continuum your first-grader finds himself, he’ll find helpful resources with our first grade math worksheets. From color-by-sum and dot-to-dot worksheets to activities that teach how to count money, tell time, and identify shapes, we have an endless supply of math learning tools from which to choose. But because it’s also important for youngsters to apply their math skills in real-life ways, consider using family time as way to further his math education. This can be done at the dinner table next time hamburgers are on the menu. Have your child count how many burgers are on the grill and how many buns are in the package, then do mental subtraction to determine the difference. Or practice shape recognition by calling out circle, rectangle and triangle, and have him look around the house and identify the objects that match the shape. Pretty soon your kid will be seeing math everywhere he turns.

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KidZone Grade 1 Worksheets

contributed by Leanne Guenther

Alphabet Recognition and Printing Practice:


  • Dynamic grade one math worksheets - use this section to generate an unlimited supply of hundreds charts, 10s charts, greater than/less than problems, addition and subtraction worksheets for your kids to practice with.
  • Dynamic grade one word problems
  • Math Worksheets



  • Penguins Lesson Plan:  Printable worksheets for use with Children's Books plus a list of fiction and non-fiction book recommendations for doing a penguin or polar animals unit.
  • EXPERIMENT:  Catch a Rainbow
  • EXPERIMENT:  Colored Carnations
  • EXPERIMENT:  How Do Seeds Grow?
  • SCIENCE FACTS:  Autumn Leaves
  • SCIENCE FACTS:  The Color Wheel
  • SCIENCE FACTS:  The Water Cycle

Thematic Units:



Lesson Plans - viewer contributions


Welcome to Grade One (Kindergarten Review)

** All sections include free printable worksheets.


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